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Don Quijote Spanish Edition for Students
Tom Lathrop's popular Don Quijote /Spanish edition for students (ISBN 978-1-58977-100-0) is available from Cervantes & Co. in a new edition ("The Legacy Edition"). This edition features 55 drawings by Jack Davis. The accompanying Don Quijote Dictionary (Legacy Edition, ISBN 978-1-58977-101-7) is also available.

Don Quixote: Retold for Children
One of the most important and influential novels ever written has been adapted for children by Tom Lathrop and Jack Davis in The Misadventures of Don Quixote. The vivid and descriptive illustrations perfectly complement the text by the top Cervantes scholar.

"An appealing first exposure for younger readers" - Kirkus Reviews

Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics / Fonética y fonología españolas
by Hans Jörg Busch / Tom Lathrop
English: ISBN 978-0-942566-44-0 (PB) $23.95
Spanish: ISBN 978-0942566-57-4 (PB) $23.95
The audio lessons for this book are now available as a free download here.