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Juan de la cuesta
Hispanic Monographs

Founded in 1978 by Dr. Tom Lathrop, Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs is a leading voice in scholarly Hispanic literary criticism of medieval to modern works, with a focus on the Spanish Golden Age. Cuesta publishes the work of the world’s most respected scholars as well as newcomers to the field.

The Romances of Chivalry

Cervantes & Co. / Molière & Co.


Designed with the English-speaking student in mind, these groundbreaking editions of classic Spanish and French literature lead the way in the classroom. Each work is presented in the original language (Spanish or French), with copious side glosses, footnotes, glossary, and a clear introduction in English. See Tom Lathrop's Don Quijote 2019 edition!

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LinguaText Portuguese has been trusted for decades by tens of thousands of students and universities nationwide. This imprint also publishes niche textbooks concerning Spanish drama, linguistics, and translation.

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LinguaText and its imprints publish over twenty new titles each year in the fields of Spanish literary criticismstudent editions of Spanish and French classic literature, and Portuguese language study. Check out the new Spanish Classics for students, French Classics for students, and the Juan de la Cuesta New Release Catalogue. [Above, Cielo de Salamanca, by Fernando Gallego, 1485-1490, Universidad de Salamanca, from the cover of the recent Cuesta release “‘Los cielos se agotaron de prodigios’: Essays in Honor of Frederick A. de Armas.”]


The New Anthology from DenisE m. dipuccio and catherine larson

This diverse anthology includes twelve dramatic texts of varying lengths from both sides of the Atlantic, from early times to the present, penned by women as well as men. The editors have incorporated a number of resources to help students understand and appreciate the goals of imagining the plays onstage and experiencing the complex nature of the art of performance. [Download one-sheet PDF] Read more...