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Tom Lathrop's Revolutionary Spanish Grammar Handbook

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The Modern Namesake of Juan de la Cuesta

Named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain, "Juan de la Cuesta - Hispanic Monographs" is located in beautiful Newark, Delaware. (Newark Reservoir pictured above).

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New and Notable
New Studies of Don Juan


ArbesuImmature Playboys and Predatory Tricksters: Studies in the Sources, Scope and Reach of Don Juan

edited by Carmen Rasilla and Jorge Abril Sanchez


Prominent scholars present their perspectives on the sources, scope and reach of the literary figure of Don Juan in this collection of fourteen essays. The essays are grouped into six sections:


•  The Authorship of El Burlador de Sevilla
•  The Cosmological, Geographical and Spiritual Spaces of the Trickster of Seville

•  Don Juan’s Principles: Perversion, Hedonism and Ludic Theatricality

•  The Classic Playboy Under the Feminist Gaze

•  Don Juan’s Protean Legacy

•  Don Juan’s Reach, Painted and Filmed 


The complete table of contents is here: (PDF ONESHEET)


ERRATA: The first small run of this book did not include notes for one of the articles. The article is presented in its entirety here.


ISBN 978-1-58871-345-2 (HB). $40.


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De reyes a lobos: Seis ensayos sobre Cervantes

by Eric C. Graf: In six essays, Graf unveils Cervantes’s art as a series of dissenting meditations on the significance of Habsburg power and governance...

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Re-Imagining Don Quixote (Film, Image, and Mind)

edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña and Eloi Grasset Morell: Documentación cervantina, «Tom Lathrop», 40...

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El trasfondo judeocristiano del Laberinto de Fortuna

by Galen Yorba-Gray: Los modelos mitológicos-clásicos que le roporcionan estructura y materia temática al Laberinto de Fortuna (1444) de...

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Cantigas de Santa María: 2-25 of the Escorial Manuscript T.I.1, “Códice Rico”

translated by Annette Grant Cash and James C. Murray: Miniatures, Translations of the Old Spanish Prose Marginalia, and Commentary

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