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Tom Lathrop's Revolutionary Spanish Grammar Handbook

Our friends at LinguaText have published Tom's grammar handbook for students!

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The Modern Namesake of Juan de la Cuesta

Named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain, "Juan de la Cuesta - Hispanic Monographs" is located in beautiful Newark, Delaware. (Newark Reservoir pictured above).

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Cosmic Wit: Essays in Honor of Edward H. Friedman

Edited by Martha García, Vicente Pérez de León, and G. Cory Duclos

Juan de la Cuesta will be publishing Cosmic Wit, a collection of articles in honor of Edward H. Friedman in the fall of 2020. Those who subscribe to publication will receive a copy of the volume and have their names listed in the Tabula Gratulatoria. All pieces are authored by Professor Friedman's former students.

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Immature Playboys and Predatory Tricksters: Studies in the Sources, Scope and Reach of Don Juan," edited by Carmen Rasilla and Jorge Abril Sanchez


Prominent scholars present their perspectives on the sources, scope and reach of the literary figure of Don Juan in this collection of fourteen essays. Read more








Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century, 1919-2019

by Mark P. Del Mastro

On Friday evening, November 14, 1919, at the University of California, Berkeley, a charismatic and dynamic 18-year-old undergraduate Spanish major, Ruth Helen Barnes, hosted six other students at her residence to start what would eventually become the largest collegiate foreign language honor society in the U.S.: Sigma Delta Pi. In 1995 and to commemorate the Society’s 75th anniversary, T. Earle Hamilton, a past president of Sigma Delta Pi, authored the first account of this journey: Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History, 1919-1994. Building upon Hamilton’s seminal work, Mark P. Del Mastro’s Rediscovering a Century, 1919-2019 takes a deeper dive into Sigma Delta Pi’s history to uncover many forgotten stories, clarify long-held inaccuracies, reveal numerous rare photographs, and recount the last 25 years since the 1995 release of A Brief History. Del Mastro’s centennial contribution will appeal to anyone interested in the tale of a young woman whose energy and vision formed a national academic enterprise in support of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture throughout the U.S.

Download a free PDF preview of the table of contents, introduction, and first chapter of Sigma Delta Pi: Rediscovering a Century, 1919-2019.

ISBN 978-1-58871-348-3 (HB, 8 1/2" x 11", full color)



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De reyes a lobos: Seis ensayos sobre Cervantes

by Eric C. Graf: In six essays, Graf unveils Cervantes’s art as a series of dissenting meditations on the significance of Habsburg power and governance...

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Re-Imagining Don Quixote (Film, Image, and Mind)

edited by Antonio Cortijo Ocaña and Eloi Grasset Morell: Documentación cervantina, «Tom Lathrop», 40...

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El trasfondo judeocristiano del Laberinto de Fortuna

by Galen Yorba-Gray: Los modelos mitológicos-clásicos que le roporcionan estructura y materia temática al Laberinto de Fortuna (1444) de...

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Cantigas de Santa María: 2-25 of the Escorial Manuscript T.I.1, “Códice Rico”

translated by Annette Grant Cash and James C. Murray: Miniatures, Translations of the Old Spanish Prose Marginalia, and Commentary

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