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Introductory Portuguese:

Brasil! Língua e Cultura, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias(Textbook, HB, 3rd ed., corrected, HB). 978-0-942566-43-7. $64.95.

Brasil! Língua e Cultura / Caderno de trabalho, by Lathrop/Dias (Writing Lab Manual, 3rd Edition, PB). Download free audio: ZIP files: 1-10, 11-20. Pronunciation Guide. Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers. 978-0-942566-35-2. $29.95.

Portugal: Língua e Cultura, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias (textbook/PB). 978-0-942566-40-6. $49.95.

Portugal: Língua e Cultura / Caderno de trabalho, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias(Writing Lab Manual, PB). Download free audio: ZIP files: 1-10, 11-20. 978-0-942566-20-8. $24.95.

Pronouncing Brazilian Portuguese by Richard V. Teschner and Antônio R. M. Simões, (Paperback, w/CD-ROM) 978-0-942566-93-2. $29.95.

Intermediate Portuguese:

Para a Frente! 2nd Edition, by Larry D. King and Margarita Suñer, (PB) 978-0-942566-41-3. $39.95.


Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics / Fonética y fonología españolas
by Hans Jörg Busch / Tom Lathrop
English: ISBN 978-0-942566-44-0 (PB) $23.95
Spanish: ISBN 978-0942566-57-4 (PB) $23.95
The audio lessons for this book are now available as a free download here.

Teoría y técnicas de traducción: primeras etepas, by Annette G. Cash and James C. Murray (HB) 978-0-942566-56-7. $24.95. A senior-level book for Spanish majors. Each chapter includes a short historical sketch of translation, followed by a discussion of techniques and procedures, a vocabulary building section (false cognates, idiomatic expressions, lexical errors) with exercises, a grammar section with exercises, a section with comparative / erroneous / humorous translations for discussion and paragraphs to translate. Written in Spanish.

Go Dutch! A Beginning Textbook for University Students by Marian de Vooght and André Lefevere (PB), ISBN 0-942566-18-1 List=$26.95. Download the free MP3 Audio lesson here. This popular textbook has lost none of its verve in the decades since it was published by de Vooght and Lefevere of the University of Texas. From the introduction:

It is our belief that language learning must be fun if it is to be effective.

We have, therefore, constructed this book around a parody of a Private Eye story. We have opted for this particular type of ironic text because it is both fun and functional. We adopted a narrative form to help students achieve comprehension on the level of the text, not just on the level of word and sentence. To further enhance comprehension on the textual level, students are asked to rewrite/retell parts of the narrative from the point of view of characters other than the hero, Jan Raap...

Listening comprehension is enhanced by means of a tape [now MP3], which contains pronunciation examples and the Survival Dutch conversations. Students can use the MP3 for homework and self-study. Students can also be asked to transcribe the MP3 and give alternative answers to the questions asked on it.

Go Dutch! is designed to take the anxiety out of language learning and to give the student a workable command of spoken and written Dutch in a school year.

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