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New for 2019!

ESPECTÁCULO: ANTOLOGÍA DEL DRAMA HISPÁNICO edited by Denise M. DiPuccio and Catherine Larson. ISBN 978-0-942566-61-1 (PB), List=$49.95, 376 pp., 8" x 10". This diverse anthology includes twelve dramatic texts of varying lengths from both sides of the Atlantic, from early times to the present, penned by women as well as men. The editors, Denise DiPuccio (Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina, Wilmington) and Catherine Larson (Professor Emerita, Indiana University), have incorporated a number of resources to help students understand and appreciate the goals of imagining the plays onstage and experiencing the complex nature of the art of performance. They include a general introduction to the genre and theater history; appendices with vocabulary and exercises for understanding character and talking or writing about the theater; and, for each play, an introduction, pre-reading questions, bibliography, comprehension and discussion questions, and exercises specifically related to performance. In addition to serving college and university students, the edition also appeals to native and heritage speakers of Spanish who are interested in the theater. [download onesheet PDF for table of contents]


Introductory Portuguese:

Brasil! Língua e Cultura, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias(Textbook, HB, 3rd ed., corrected, HB). 978-0-942566-43-7. $64.95.

Brasil! Língua e Cultura / Caderno de trabalho, by Lathrop/Dias (Writing Lab Manual, 3rd Edition, PB). Download free audio: ZIP files: 1-10, 11-20. Pronunciation Guide. Brazilian Portuguese for Spanish Speakers. 978-0-942566-35-2. $29.95.

Portugal: Língua e Cultura, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias (textbook/PB). 978-0-942566-40-6. $49.95.

Portugal: Língua e Cultura / Caderno de trabalho, by Tom Lathrop/Eduardo Dias(Writing Lab Manual, PB). Download free audio: ZIP files: 1-10, 11-20. 978-0-942566-20-8. $24.95.

Pronouncing Brazilian Portuguese by Richard V. Teschner and Antônio R. M. Simões, (Paperback, w/CD-ROM) 978-0-942566-93-2. $29.95.

Intermediate Portuguese:

Para a Frente! 2nd Edition, by Larry D. King and Margarita Suñer, (PB) 978-0-942566-41-3. $39.95.


Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics / Fonética y fonología españolas
by Hans Jörg Busch / Tom Lathrop
English: ISBN 978-0-942566-44-0 (PB) $23.95
Spanish: ISBN 978-0942566-57-4 (PB) $23.95
The audio lessons for this book are now available as a free download here.

Teoría y técnicas de traducción: primeras etepas, by Annette G. Cash and James C. Murray (HB) 978-0-942566-56-7. $24.95. A senior-level book for Spanish majors. Each chapter includes a short historical sketch of translation, followed by a discussion of techniques and procedures, a vocabulary building section (false cognates, idiomatic expressions, lexical errors) with exercises, a grammar section with exercises, a section with comparative / erroneous / humorous translations for discussion and paragraphs to translate. Written in Spanish.

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