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The most influential and popular classics of Spanish and French literature are brought to life for the English speaking student in a user-friendly way that makes the reading and study of these influential works in their native languages a joy.

Tom Lathrop's Spanish edition of Don Quijote for students introduced a uniquely successful pedagogical aparatus which has been extended to all the editions of classic and important literature in our series.

Other editions, produced in their native countries for native speakers, assume cultural and linguistic baggage that native English speaking students simply do not and cannot have. In our editions, words that students are not likely to know are in the margin—already looked up, in English—so they know instantly what they mean. We feel that using English is correct since using Spanish glosses either dilute the meaning (we’ve seen insecto for escarabajo, for example), or force students to look up the glossed word (such as cogote being glossed for colodrillo). We also offer lots of footnotes that students in Spain or France do not need, but ours require. A final glossary defines more words than are in the margins, just in case.

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Don Quijote: 2019 edition available now!

We are pleased to offer Tom Lathrop's Don Quijote Spanish Edition for Students: The Dictionary Edition. Read more...

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