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The Modern Namesake of Juan de la Cuesta

Named after the original printer of Don Quijote in Spain, "Juan de la Cuesta - Hispanic Monographs" is located in beautiful Newark, Delaware. (Newark Reservoir pictured above).

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Vélez de Guevara critical editions continue

C. George Peale was recently featured at Cal State Fullerton's website, featuring his work on the 33 Vélez de Guevara plays he has edited with Juan de la Cuesta, with more coming this year.

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  • David Arbesu
  • Richard Burkard
  • Benjamin Fraser
  • Karl C. Gregg
  • Michael J. McGrath
  • Eloy E. Merino
  • Lisa Nalbone
  • Benito Quintana
  • Dolores E. Rangel
  • Regula Rohland de Langbehn

New and Notable
El sol de los talleres


Don Quixote: Interdisciplinary ConnectionsEl sol de los talleres: Estudios en homenaje a Stanislav Zimic

edited by
María Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes


This collection of nineteen essays by prominent Hispanists and emerging scholars pays tribute to the University of Texas legend, Stanislav Zimic. Dr. Zimic taught at UT-Austin for fifty years; his focus on Spanish Golden Age literature is reflected in this book's content. Examine the table of contents in the PDF below.




Documentación cervantina «Tom Lathrop» No. 38
Homenajes No. 43
Table of Contents (PDF)

HARDBACK (CASEBOUND) ISBN: 978-1-58871-247-9 List=$34.95 Amazon.com


Juan Valera's Short Stories in translation

Robert M. Fedorchek's new translation of "The Green Bird" and other tales is now available in paperback and as Cuesta's first e-book.

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See the E-book

Tom Lathrop

Stanislav Zimic

"El sol de los talleres: Estudios en homenaje a Stanislav Zimic," edited by María Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes: Available after April 1, 2014.

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Author's Resource Page

Check here for manuscript and submission guidelines if you are an author already under contract. If you are a prospective author, check here for query guidelines.

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Luis Velez de Guevara

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